Avoiding a Stinky Chimney

Although your chimney is the last thing on your mind this summer, an unpleasant odor coming from your fireplace can be a reminder. Every summer, Champs Chimney Service get our share of calls from customers about stinky chimneys. For the past 17 years, we have been taking care of the chimneys in the Albany area. We can quickly and easily solve chimney odor problems. We would like to tell you about a couple of our professional chimney services that can help you avoid dealing with a stinky chimney this summer.

Chimney Sweeping

If you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove, there is a good chance that there are deposits of creosote buildup inside your chimney. This compound develops naturally during the combustion process and accumulates on the interior walls of your chimney. The strong acrid scent can worsen during the hot and humid days of summer.

We recommend that you schedule an annual chimney sweeping in the spring or summer to avoid the smelly chimney. Not only is creosote stinky, but it is also highly flammable. Creosote is a leading cause of chimney fires. Our professionally trained chimney sweeps are able to remove all sights of creosote to keep your chimney from being smelly and a fire hazard.

Chimney Cap Installation

If your chimney is uncapped, then you will likely experience a few stinky chimney risks. Without a chimney cap, water from outside can enter your chimney, and this could lead to possible masonry damage. This also leads to musty odors and mold and mildew growth. Another potential risk with an uncapped chimney is the invasion of birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, or other wild animals.

While the odors of the nesting materials and droppings left behind by these critters can be awful, but this could be worse if a bird or animal get trapped and die in your chimney. We can show you the best chimney caps to prevent water and wild animals out of your chimney, and we can professionally install it to make sure your chimney is protected.

Let Us Help!

Don’t let a stinky chimney ruin your summer. Contact us today at 518-307-7370 to schedule your annual chimney services appointment.

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