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In Need Of A Chimney Inspection? Let Champs Chimney Take Care Of It For You

Most homeowners don’t spend their evenings looking down into their chimney, evaluating the flue, checking the flashing, looking for cracks in the crowns, or troubleshooting problems — and you shouldn’t have to! Let Champs Chimney do the work. Our team of certified chimney professionals knows just what to look for and how to keep your chimney system working as efficiently and as safely as possible.

As trained and experienced professionals with a commitment to the safety and comfort of our customers throughout the entire Capital District of NY State, we adhere to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendations for chimney maintenance, which includes an annual inspection, as well as an inspection at or after different events. Our techs are trained and equipped to perform all three recommended levels of inspections, so whichever you need, you can count on us.

  • Level 1 — If you haven’t made any changes to your chimney and the attached appliance and everything seems to be operating normally, a level 1 inspection is likely all you’ll need this year. These inspections typically suffice for chimney systems that are well-maintained, and include a look at all easily accessible parts of the chimney and appliance and the overall structure and installation, as well as a search for any combustible deposits or build up.
  • Level 2 —If you’ve relined your chimney, replaced an appliance, swapped fuels, experienced a chimney fire or other damaging event, noticed a change in appliance performance, identified chimney performance problems, or you’re buying or selling the home, a level 2 is more your speed. Level 2 inspections include everything level 1 inspections include, but these also include a video scan of the entire chimney flue, from top to bottom. Learn more about level 2 real estate inspections.
  • Level 3 —In rare cases, a level 1 or level 2 chimney inspection doesn’t allow us to get to the bottom of the issue. In these situations, we may recommend a level 3 inspection, which can involve some demolition or removal of chimney walls, crowns, or other components of the chimney or nearby areas. Don’t worry — these are rare and we would never perform a level 3 inspection without your approval!
    Ready to schedule an appointment to have your chimney inspected by an experienced and certified professional? Call on Champs Chimney at 518-307-7370 — we serve our neighbors in Albany and beyond and can be at your home when you need knowledgeable and friendly service. Call or fill out our online scheduling form to get started!

Our chimney and fireplace services include all kinds of chimney repairs to keep your system working safely and efficiently, so give us a call.

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