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In Need of a Chimney Preservation? From Top To Bottom, We Have You Covered

Whether you have an oil, gas, wood, or coal heating system or fireplace, you rely on your chimney to provide proper venting and keep you and your family safer and cozier. But even the strongest and most well-built chimneys can develop issues or undergo damage — and when they do, Champs Chimney is the company to call. We specialize in chimney preservations and have been providing outstanding customer service to our neighbors in Albany and throughout the Capital District of NY State for more than 17 years. Some of the repairs we can take care of for you include all of these:

  • Chimney Relining — Without a properly fitted and maintained chimney liner, safely enjoying your home heating system is, well, impossible. You need the liner to be in tip-top shape, properly sized, and free of holes and cracks so it can effectively vent smoke, gases, and other byproducts of combustion. When your liner starts to deteriorate or you swap appliances and need to have a new liner installed, Champs Chimney is the team to call. We offer HeatShield® and stainless steel liner options and can help you determine which is best for you. Learn more.
  • Concrete Repointing & Masonry Work — A cracking and crumbling masonry chimney or fireplace front is never attractive, but we’re not solely concerned with appearance. When brick becomes water-logged, brick facing begins to pop off or flake, and mortar joints crumble or fill up with cracks and holes, the structural strength of the chimney and fireplace and their ability to safely vent byproducts and smoke, and keep moisture out suffers. If you’ve noticed damage to your masonry, don’t wait. Call on Champs Chimney and let our expert masons repoint, repair, and restore your concrete and masonry.
  • Parging Smoke Chambers —The smoke chamber (the inverted funnel above the fireplace) has to provide a smoke-tight, smooth surface or you’ll experience a host of problems, including smoke problems, inefficiency, and possibly even a house fire. Unfortunately, this area commonly becomes damaged over time, mainly because it’s right in the line of fire, so to speak, but if your smoke chamber is in bad shape, we can help. We parge smoke chambers smooth using high-quality, highly effective products that restore smoke chambers for a better performing, safer chimney, and fireplace.
  • Dampers — Feel that cold air pouring in through the fireplace even when the damper is closed? Having trouble getting your damper to open or close? Whether you need to have your throat damper repaired or you’re ready to boost energy savings and keep cold air out and conditioned air in with a top-sealing or top-mounted damper, we can help. We repair and replace dampers and can provide whatever damper assistance you need.
  • Leaky Chimney Troubleshooting & Repair — Chimney leaks can be difficult to pinpoint and swift to cause damage, which is why you should call on an expert the moment you detect or suspect a water problem. Here at Champs Chimney, our chimney professionals are expertly trained to quickly locate leaks and make the necessary repairs and installations. From crown repairs/replacements and flashing repair to chase cover and Big Dripper chimney cap installations and chimney waterproofing, we do it all.

Whatever repairs or preservations you need to restore your chimney and prolong its service life, call on Champs Chimney at 518-307-7370 and trust it to the experts. We’re insured, bonded, honest, and dependable, and we’re committed to meeting your chimney and fireplace needs. Call or fill out our online scheduling form and let us help you keep your chimney in excellent condition, year after year.

Of all the chimney and fireplace services we offer, chimney sweeping is one of the most frequent and effective. Ask us for details.

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