Chimney Crown Repair/Replacement

Is A Cracked Or Poorly Designed Crown Letting Water Into Your Chimney? Let Champs Repair Or Replace It

None of us want to find out that water is making its way down into our chimneys. The damage that can so quickly be done and the costs of repairs that can so quickly compound cause panic and frustration for any homeowner — but we can help resolve your leaky chimney worries fast.

If your chimney crown, the cement atop your chimney stack, is cracked or was designed poorly and is allowing moisture to enter your chimney, the certified team of chimney professionals at Champs Chimney can help. Even hairline cracks can quickly expand and allow water into the chimney, so don’t put off repairs. Our team will seal any cracks and apply a water repellent to make sure water stays out and cracks don’t continue to grow. We specialize in crown repair and replacement and use top-notch products to protect repairs and weak spots and prevent future damage. For a long-lasting solution to chimney leaks, trust Champs Chimney.

What Makes A Good, Long-Lasting Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown is a horizontal slab at the top of the chimney and there’s really nothing protecting it from the elements. That’s why it needs to be built thick enough and with the right slope and drip edge to properly offer protection, year after year. Unfortunately, countless crowns are built poorly every single day. Here’s what a quality crown should look like:

  • Enough space should be left between the crown and the flue liner to allow for thermal expansion.
  • Quality concrete should be used, not mortar.
  • The crown should be sloped so that rain can run off of it, as opposed to pooling on top of the crown.
  • The crown should extend 2 1/2 inches or more over the sides of the chimney wall and provide a proper drip edge that won’t dump water onto the flashing or chimney base.
  • Even at their thinnest spot, crowns should be at least 2 inches thick.

Trust Your Crown Repair Or Rebuild To Champs Chimney

Here at Champs Chimney, we’ve been repairing and replacing chimney crowns for more than 17 years. We’re honest, dependable, insured, and bonded, and we take pride in the work we provide to our neighbors in Albany and beyond. If it’s time to have your chimney crown repaired or rebuilt, don’t wait — call Champs Chimney at 518-307-7370 and let our team of experts take care of it for you. Click here to request an appointment online!

You can protect your prefabricated chimney from water damage with a quality chase cover. Find the source of your water problem with our leaky chimney troubleshooting services.

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