Stainless Steel

Whether You Need To Vent An Oil, Gas, Wood, Pellet, Or Coal Heating System, A Stainless Steel Liner Will Get The Job Done

What’s strong enough to handle the intense heat and corrosive byproducts produced by an oil, gas, wood, pellet, or coal-burning appliance, winter after winter? Stainless steel! Unlike aluminum and other chimney liner materials, stainless steel is approved for use with all fuels and can really take the heat. That’s why those of us here at Champs Chimney recommend stainless steel liners to our customers in Albany and the surrounding regions who are in need of a chimney relining.

When Do You Need A New Chimney Liner?

There are several reasons to reline, but most commonly, we reline with a stainless steel liner in the following circumstances:

  • A chimney is missing a liner
  • The chimney liner isn’t the right size for the appliance it is venting
  • The chimney liner isn’t the right material for the fuel it is venting
  • The clay tile liner is beyond repair

We know that you trust your chimney liner to do a lot of the important work so you can safely enjoy a fire in your home — you don’t want to have to worry about whether or not your liner is damaged or allowing heat, smoke, and gases to access framing, nearby combustibles, and your air supply. You also don’t want to invest in a new liner, only to need a new one a year or two in the future. We get it — but with a stainless steel liner from Champs Chimney, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a quality liner for life.

We proudly install the industry’s best stainless steel liners, approved for all fuel types. Whether you have a flue that’s straight as an arrow or full of bends, we have a liner that will fit perfectly. And when you have your new stainless steel liner installed by Champs certified team of chimney and venting experts, you can rest assured everything will be installed properly and that you’ll enjoy years of service from your new liner. In fact, when professionally installed and maintained, the stainless steel liners we install carry a lifetime warranty — now that’s hard to beat!

Ready to have your new stainless steel liner installed? Call on Champs Chimney at 518-307-7370 or fill out our online scheduling form — we’re here to help!

HeatShield® is a great relining choice if you currently have a terra cotta clay tile liner. Find out more when you give us a call.

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