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Many homeowners have come to accept the fact that the damper is a pain to open and close, cold air will leak into the home, and that heat and conditioned air will be lost up the chimney even when the damper is closed. That’s because throat dampers, although largely effective, provide a metal-on-metal seal, which means air is still going to make its way in and out. Additionally, metal is prone to rust and creosote buildup can make opening the throat damper harder and harder with time.

If you’re tired of the waste associated with throat dampers, your damper is a pain to open and close, or your damper is broken, rusted, or glazed into place, we can help. If it’s a simple repair and you’re otherwise happy with your throat damper, we can repair it; but if you’re looking for energy savings and a better alternative, we also install top-sealing dampers.

What’s The Difference Between A Throat Damper & A Top-Sealing Damper?

There are two major differences between a throat damper and a top-sealing damper:

  • Location — Throat dampers are in the throat of the chimney, which is just above the firebox. Because of their location, they’re right in the heat of the fire and can somewhat quickly accumulate creosote. Top-sealing dampers, on the other hand, are attached at the top of the flue, much like a chimney cap. In fact, a top-sealing damper will serve as both a cap and a damper and will protect the flue against moisture and other damaging elements in a way that a throat damper cannot.
  • Material & Seal — As mentioned earlier, throat dampers are made of metal and can’t provide a truly airtight seal. Top-sealing dampers, on the other hand, have a rubberized gasket that ensures an airtight seal when the damper is in the closed position. Top-sealing dampers have brought energy savings to homeowners and reduced waste, which is why top-sealing dampers are also known as energy-saving dampers.

Worried about ease of use when switching to a top-sealing damper? Don’t be! Our top-sealing dampers have an easy-to-reach,  easy-to-use lever for easy opening and closing.

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