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Our Flashing Repairs Will Keep Water Out For Good

Is a leak around your chimney costing you money and stressing you out? Do you have water staining along the ceiling near your chimney? Figuring out where the leak is coming from and how it can be stopped can be frustrating, but Champs Chimney is here to help. Our team has addressed countless chimney leaks in the Albany area over the last 17+ years and we can help troubleshoot your leak for a quick resolution.

First things first: we’ll perform a chimney inspection so we can quickly identify any weak areas and pinpoint just where the water is making its way into the chimney and home. One of the first things we check is the flashing, which is the metal that covers the roof and base of the chimney where they meet. Many times, we find that leaks begin in this area because the flashing is either lifted, damaged, or was just installed wrong. Did you recently have you roof replaced or repaired? Flashing often gets lifted or damaged during the process, but if your flashing is the problem, we can help.

Our knowledgeable staff specializes in flashing installation, layering L-shaped sections of flashing and counter flashing and making sure it’s smooth and properly woven into your shingles and along your chimney. We guarantee smooth, strong, and effective results so you can put flashing leak worries out of your mind.

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Do you have a leaky chimney? Don’t put off repairs — call on Champs Chimney. We serve the entire Capital District of New York State, from Albany to Schroon Lake, and we can find and resolve your chimney leak fast. Call Champs Chimney at 518-307-7370 and request an appointment to have your flashing inspected and repaired today. Click here for online scheduling requests.

Waterproofing your chimney is a great way to deal with leaky chimney problems. Let the professionals at Champs Chimney take care of it for you.

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