Parging Smoke Chambers

Increase The Safety Of Your Fireplace & Eliminate Smoke Problems With Our Smoke Chamber Parging Services

When you light up a fire in your fireplace, you want to be able to relax and soak up the warmth. But when smoke starts wafting into your living space, it really puts a nix on the relaxation and stress-relief and makes the whole experience unpleasant. Does this describe your experience every time you light up a fire? It may be time to have your smoke chamber parged smooth.

The smoke chamber is simply the name for the area just above the firebox that sends smoke up into the flue so it can exit the chimney. This area, shaped like an upside-down funnel, should allow smoke and byproducts to quickly move up into the flue. Extreme heat, toxic gases, and corrosive byproducts are produced by fire, which is why we have chimneys and all the protective parts of the chimney system, including the smoke chamber. Unfortunately, when smoke chambers undergo damage and develop cracks and holes, they lose their ability to keep heat, gas, and corrosive byproducts contained and away from nearby framing or other combustibles. Cracked and “hole-y” smoke chambers also slow down the movement of smoke and byproducts, which can lead to more smoke and carbon monoxide coming back into your home and more smoke settling along the flue walls and smoke chamber in the form of flammable creosote. But we can help.

Our team is certified and we know how to parge smoke chambers smooth for an effective restoration. We use quality products that are designed to stand up to extreme temperatures and to provide a smooth, airtight surface, fire after fire.

If smoke is ruining your fireside experience or you think your smoke chamber may be in disrepair, give Champs Chimney a call at 518-307-7370. We serve the entire Capital District area and will send one of our experienced and certified techs out to your home to provide a thorough chimney inspection. Whether your smoke chamber is the problem or something else is causing your fireplace issues, we can help — we’re sure of it. Call or fill out our online schedule request form to get started!

The right damper will put a stop to cold air coming down the chimney. We’re ready to help with this chimney repair today.

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