Enjoy High Heat Output With A Hitzer Coal Insert Or Stove

For 20+ years, Hitzer has been manufacturing top-notch anthracite coal fireplace inserts and stoves that truly stand the test of time. These hearth appliances are known for their superior quality and are hand-crafted by Amish craftsman. But aside from quality, what makes a Hitzer coal insert or stove worth investing in?

  • High Heat Output — Anthracite coal is a big heat producer, but it burns slowly so you get long-lasting, controllable, even heat.
  • Beautiful — Hitzer cast iron and steel stoves and inserts are some of the most beautiful hearth appliances out there and can enhance any type of home decor. You can even personalize your appliance by choosing black, brown, charcoal, or blue and opting for the gold-plated door.
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free — With no movable parts in the hopper system (which relies on gravity), you don’t have to worry about getting up to feed the fire or fiddling with broken moving parts.
  • Affordable & Abundant Fuel —Coal is affordable and abundant, and anthracite coal produces low levels of sulfur, dust, and ash. More heat per dollar and fewer emissions? Sounds good!

Are you shopping for a new hearth appliance? Don’t invest your hard-earned money into a poorly performing, poorly made coal insert or stove — choose a Hitzer and know you’re getting the best. If you have any questions about Hitzer stoves or inserts or would like to request an appointment with one of our certified experts, call 518-307-7370. We’re here to help!


If you want your stove or insert to use wood for fuel, you’re in luck! See what we have to choose from today.



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