We Can Restore Your Clay Tile Flue Liner with HeatShield

If you have a masonry chimney, chances are it has a clay tile flue liner. Although this type of liner is durable and long-lasting, the tiles can suffer from spalling and other damage over time. When the tiles are cracked, chipped, loose, and missing, the gaps left behind in the liner are dangerous and unsafe.

In the past, repairing a clay tile chimney liner was time-consuming and expensive. Thankfully, these repairs are much more reasonable nowadays because of a revolutionary product called HeatShield. As the chimney professionals in the Albany area, we are one of authorized installers of HeatShield. We would like to tell you more about HeatShield, and how it can restore the integrity of your chimney.

Why is it so dangerous to have cracks and gaps in my clay tile liner?

We Can Restore Your Clay Tile Flue Liner with HeatShield - Albany NY - Champs Chimney ServiceBuilding codes in cities, towns, and municipalities mandate that all chimneys is lined with a clay tile, metal, or cast-in-place liner. A chimney liner serves three important functions to keep a chimney and fireplace system operating efficiently and safely. A liner protects the combustible parts of your home that surround the chimney from heat transfer. It prevents damage of the chimney structure from corrosive flue gases. It also provides a properly sized match to your specific heating appliance.

When there are cracks and gaps in a chimney liner, there is an increased risk for a chimney fire or a carbon monoxide leak. This damage also lead to deterioration of the bricks and mortar joints of the chimney, as with the continuous exposure of corrosive gases which eat away at the masonry materials.

How do I know if my clay tile flue liner needs repairs or not?

When Champs Chimney Service inspects your chimney, we check for cracks, gaps, and other damage to the clay tile liner. If we find damaged tiles and mortar joints, we give you a written estimate of our HeatShield chimney relining service. After our inspection, we will know if your clay tile liner needs the Joint Repair System or the Resurfacing System to restore its integrity. If your liner is beyond repair or missing completely, we use the Cecure Sleeve Relining System to install a new flue liner.

If your clay tile chimney liner has suffered from years of damage and is no longer functional, HeatShield is here to help you restore the strength and integrity of your chimney flue. Contact us at Champs Chimney Service at 518-307-7370 to schedule an appointment for your annual chimney maintenance services.

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