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Buying or selling a property can be nerve-racking — make the experience less stressful by scheduling a level 2 real estate inspection with a trained and experienced, certified chimney professional. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends these inspections any time a property is changing hands for your safety and peace of mind. So why is a level 2 real estate inspection needed on top of a home inspection, what all is included, and how can it make your move less stressful?

Does A Home Inspector Look At The Chimney?

First things first: your home inspector is not providing a detailed and thorough chimney inspection — it’s not their job! A home inspector will shine a flashlight up into the chimney, look at the flashing and crown, and look for any obvious signs of damage or concern — but that still leaves a lot of the system to guesswork. The only way to really see the condition of the chimney flue and detect any damage in this important part of the chimney system is to use video scanning technology. That’s where a level 2 real estate inspection comes in.

What Is A Level 2 Real Estate Inspection?

During a level 2 real estate inspection, a chimney professional will snake a camera system up or down into the chimney flue and look for any cracks, gaps, flaking tiles, holes, or other signs of damage. This allows us to see this important part of the chimney system up close and provide you with images of an otherwise unseen portion of the chimney. We’ll be able to identify if a chimney fire has ever occurred, if animals are nesting in the chimney, if there’s an active chimney leak, if there are any combustible deposits like creosote built up, and if the chimney needs to be relined.

What else will we look at during a level 2 real estate inspection?

  • readily accessible portions of the chimney and the attached appliance
  • the overall structural composition and integrity of the chimney
  • the attached appliance installation and operation

How Can A Level 2 Real Estate Inspection Make A Move Less Stressful?

Moving is one of the most stressful life events, but a level 2 real estate inspection can help reduce that stress. By scheduling a level 2 real estate inspection, you’ll be able to confidently sell or purchase the home, without wondering about hidden costs or concerns. We’ll even provide you with a detailed report (including images) for insurance purposes.

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