Easy Storage, Easy Loading With A Pellet Stove Or Insert

Many homeowners are looking for a hearth appliance that makes use of a renewable fuel source that’s affordable, easy to store, easy to load, and clean burning. If you’re in this group, you’ll love modern pellet stoves and inserts. These appliances rely on small, tightly packed wood waste pellets, which come in a variety of convenient-sized bags for easy storage.

Here at Champs Chimney, we’re proud to sell and install the most reliable and attractive pellet stoves and inserts from Regency and Breckwell. Regency and Breckwell pellet stoves and inserts are EPA-approved and offer quiet, controllable, cleaner-burning heat. And since the pellets themselves are composed of wood waste, you’ll enjoy real, high-heat producing flames. These are some other great features:

  • Quickstart ignitors
  • Adjustable blowers
  • Easy-to-clean burners
  • Large ash pans
  • Large viewing areas
Pellet Stoves

Short on space? These hearth appliances are mobile home approved and don’t require much clearance from combustibles.

Ready to start enjoying the warmth and efficiency of a new pellet stove or insert? Call 518-307-7370 or fill out our online appointment request form — we’ll help you find the perfect appliance for your home and get it installed quickly so you can start enjoying it ASAP.


Finding a new stove or insert that burns gas couldn’t be simpler…just ask our experienced technicians about all your options.

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