Big Dripper Chimney Caps

We’re Proud To Offer Big Dripper Chimney Caps, The Industry’s Most Beautiful & Effective Caps

When it comes to keeping water, animals, birds, and windblown debris out of your chimney, you simply can’t expect to have success without investing in a chimney cap. The chimney cap is the component of the chimney that attaches to the top of the chimney to cover the flue. Without it, the flue sticks up out of the chimney and is open to animal intrusion and weather and water damage.

While chimney caps are available at all levels of quality, here at Champs Chimney, we sell and install the best: Big Dripper chimney caps from Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc. Why? Because we’ve fixed countless leaky chimneys in the greater Albany and Capital District area and we know that, if you want to keep moisture out, you need to invest in a chimney cap that will not only add protection and style — it will also last and last. That’s where the Big Dripper comes in.

What Makes Big Dripper Caps Special?

Big Dripper chimney caps are made of high-quality materials like copper and stainless steel, both known for their strength, beauty, and ability to stand up to year after year of rain, snow, and sleet. And with Big Dripper, even multi-flue, larger chimneys can have stylish and effective protection. These caps are available in a variety of sizes, and our team can measure your chimney and let you know just what size chimney cap you need for a perfect fit. Whether you’d like a streamlined basic lid cap, a ridged lid cap, or a hip lid cap, Big Dripper has something to fit your needs and aesthetic perfectly.

Stainless Steel Or Copper?

Both stainless steel and copper will provide you with years of service, so it really boils down to aesthetics. Do you want a cap that will look the same, season after season? If so, stainless steel is probably best for you, as copper will change in appearance over time. But for many homeowners, the patina that develops on a copper cap over time is what makes copper caps so desirable. Whichever you choose, you can be sure you’ll get years of water protection from your new chimney cap.

To request an appointment to have your chimney measured and your new Big Dripper chimney cap installed, simply call 518-307-7370 or fill out our online scheduling form and we’ll get you set up with a qualified, courteous, and dependable chimney professional.

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