Give Your Liner A Second Chance With The Power Of HeatShield®

For decades, we’ve relied on clay tile or terra cotta liners to vent our heating systems and fireplaces and enjoyed the durability, strength, and efficiency of these liners. But even the strongest and most well-constructed clay tile liner can flake, crack, and develop holes and gaps — and when this happens, it creates a host of problems that affect both the safety and efficiency of the entire heating system.

So what happens when a terra cotta chimney liner gets damaged?

  • Holes and cracks can allow heat to escape into the walls surrounding the chimney, possibly igniting nearby framing and combustibles and causing a house fire.
  • Holes and cracks can allow corrosive byproducts to come into contact with the masonry of the chimney, causing the masonry to deteriorate.
  • Holes and cracks can allow poisonous gases like carbon monoxide to seep into your air supply.
  • Holes and cracks can reduce draft and lead to the build-up of more creosote, the back-flow of smoke, and performance issues.

In other words, a chimney with a cracked and deteriorating flue liner is not considered safe for use. But for years, the only choice homeowners had if they wanted to restore their chimney system was to have a metal liner installed inside of their existing liner. While we’re champions for stainless steel liners and think they’re well worth the investment, sometimes it can seem like overkill to spend on a whole new liner when only a portion of the clay liner is damaged. Trust us — we get it! That’s why we’ve put in the investment and gone through the training to become HeatShield® certified.

What Is HeatShield®?

HeatShield® is a chimney liner restoration system that uses a special cerfractory material to fill in cracks and holes, seal the existing liner, and provide a fresh, smooth surface. How does it work? Well, we start by cleaning and prepping the chimney flue. Next, we measure your chimney flue and create a custom foam applicator. Once the applicator is ready, we either:

  • Apply the HeatShield® product to the cracks we’re concerned about or the section of the liner we’re concerned about and use the foam applicator to press the product into those cracks and smooth over the area.
  • Apply the HeatShield® product to the entire flue interior, use the foam applicator to press the product into the cracks and holes, and smooth over the entire flue, from bottom to top. Next, we slide a metal sleeve that’s custom-fitted to your flue down into the flue. Once the sleeve is down in the flue, we apply another layer of the HeatShield® product and smooth it over with the foam applicator for a smoke-tight, smooth, reinforced flue. Note: This application is for chimney liners that have more widespread damage and need extra strength and support.

Request An Appointment To Have Your Chimney Liner Inspected By A Knowledgeable & Experienced Tech

As an “all fuel” approved lining system, HeatShield® is a great option for chimney liner restoration and repair, whether you have an oil, gas, wood, pellet, or coal heating system. Is it time to restore your liner so you can enjoy a safer, stronger, more efficient chimney? Call Champs Chimney at 518-307-7370 or fill out our online scheduling form and one of our HeatShield®-certified techs will evaluate your system and let you know whether HeatShield® is the right restoration method for you. Call or click today and let our knowledgeable staff help you out!

Another option for relining is stainless steel liners. Is this a better chimney relining solution for you and your situation? Ask us for information today!

The experts at Champs Chimney Service recommend these useful HeatShield products: HeatShield PCR (Poultice Creosote Remover), Chamber Coat, and Cerfractory Foam Smoke Chamber Sealant & Restoration System.

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