The Value of a Chimney Crown and Chimney Cap

When you own a home, there are several important maintenance responsibilities to be aware of. When it comes to your chimney, it is recommended to know what each component does to make your chimney run more efficient. Fortunately, for residents of the Albany area, the staff at Champs Chimney Service takes pride in educating our […]

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The Dangers of Oil Exhaust on Clay Flue Tiles

Here in the Northeast, many homes are heated by oil-fired furnaces. If the home is an older one, it is most likely attached to a chimney with a flue that is lined with clay tiles. A clay-tiled flue is durable enough to last for years, but over time, it can suffer from damage from being […]

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What Is HeatShield?

Your chimney and fireplace system consists of many different working components to make it run safely and efficiently. One of the most important components is the chimney liner. A liner protects the combustible parts of your home that surround the chimney structure from the extremely high temperatures produced in the firebox. A liner also provides […]

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All About Wood Stove Fireplace Inserts

Now that colder weather is starting to arrive here in the Albany area, homeowners are starting to get their heating systems ready for winter and looking for ways to increase their heat but decreasing costs. One of the most popular hearth heating appliances with the lowest energy efficiency is the traditional masonry fireplace. So much […]

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We Can Restore Your Clay Tile Flue Liner with HeatShield

If you have a masonry chimney, chances are it has a clay tile flue liner. Although this type of liner is durable and long-lasting, the tiles can suffer from spalling and other damage over time. When the tiles are cracked, chipped, loose, and missing, the gaps left behind in the liner are dangerous and unsafe. […]

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Benefits of Wood Stove Fireplace Inserts

Although you love your old wood-burning masonry fireplace, you realize that it needs to be updated before this winter because of its low energy efficiency and it’s poor heating performance. Over the past several winter seasons, your utility bills have increased each year because you have had to use your HVAC unit more often to […]

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All About Chimney Inspections

When you own a home with a chimney, you take on the responsibility of ensuring it works safely and efficiently. Before you light the first fire of the year, it is essential to know if there are issues that could lead to dangerous situations. This includes a chimney fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Since […]

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Champs Chimney

For more than 17 years, Champs Chimney has been assisting residents in Albany, Troy, Ballston Spa, and the neighboring communities with all of their chimney and fireplace needs. We’ve developed a loyal following as a result of our honest and fair way of doing business. In fact, our goal is to strive for the complete...

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